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Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone (FFEZ) 

To help protect fruit-growing regions in South Australia, northern Victoria and southern New South Wales, growers, industry and governments from the three states joined forces in 1994 to establish a Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone (FFEZ)

Do not take fruit (including capsicum, chillies, tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini and squash) into the FFEZ. 

Travel into the Riverland of South Australia

You must not take fruit and vegetables into the South Australia Riverland FFEZ unless they have been purchased within South Australia and you can provide a valid detailed receipt or a Plant Health Certificate.

Fruit and vegetables with receipts are not to be carried across State borders.

Quarantine road signs and disposal bins are located on the following approaches to the Riverland within the Fruit Fly Exclusion Zone:

Quarantine roadblocks

You are required to stop at a quarantine roadblock and declare any fruit, vegetables or plant material. A Plant Health Inspector has the power to search your vehicle and sieze any probited items.

Quarantine roadblocks are located on the:

Travelling into and within South Australia 

It is illegal to carry fruit and vegetables across all borders into South Australia, unless they have been certified free of pests and diseases. 

South Australian Quarantine roadblocks and honesty bins are strategically placed throughout South Australia.  Mobile quarantine roadblocks operate on country roads.

Don't risk a $2500 fine (.PDF) 100KB

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