The 6th Largest Wine Producer in Australia – located here at Kingston-On-Murray

The 6th Largest Wine Producer in Australia

Located here at Kingston-On-Murray!!

“Kingston Estate Wines”

Hi everyone, wKingston 1e thought we would provide you with a bit of insight to one of the Riverland’s most well-known Icons that is located right here at Kingston-On-Murray – Kingston Estate Wines.

Let’s go back to the beginning.  It launches from a great love story culminating in an Australian Wine Dynasty. The winery is located just off the Sturt Highway and is a consuming sight especially as you approach it from the cover of night and see it illuminated in all its glory.

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For those of you who have either holidayed or visited the region over the years, there would be no doubt that you have seen the remarkable growth surrounding the winery.  But how and where did this all start from?  Call me a romantic, but it’s true – it was created from the power of Love.

LOVE – The love story began in the 1950’s.  Nina (Constantina) & Steve (Sarantos), who incidentally had to travel half way across the world from Greece to meet each other, met amongst the vines. Yes, they were both working picking fruit in the Riverland. Mechanical harvesting was not even thought of then – grapes were purely hand picked. Obviously this gave them the opportunity to get to know each other whilst working and the domino effect was marriage, having three children, the development of their initial 40 acre Kingston-On-Murray vineyard in 1979 and eventually creating a winery.  I figure the winners in all this are us – the very appreciative wine connoisseurs!!!!!

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Kingston Estate Wines is the 6th largest wine producer in Australia and is one of Australia’s largest family-owned wineries. The winery’s managing director and chief winemaker is one of Nina and Steve’s sons, Bill.  As soon as he graduated in Oenology (the scientific study and the making of wine) in 1985, he joined the family business. His dream was to produce premium wines from the Riverland. From all accounts, we think he can rest assured that his dream has certainly been realised.

The first crush materialized in 1986 producing 60 tonnes and also in that year the first commercial vintage of 4,500 cases of wine was produced. Soon after they started to export their wines and select growers to supply additional premium fruit for further improvement.

Today, the Vintage of 2013 can boast a record breaking crush of just over 100,000 tonnes.

Let’s not just stop there, Kingston Estate Wines holds the largest single planting of Petit Verdot grapes in Australia and possibly the Southern Hemisphere, thanks to the foresight of Bill.  In the late 1990’s with his unending family pioneering spirit, Bill looked to the future, planting new varieties suited to the Riverland’s warm climate including Merlot (now hugely popular in Australia), and planting Australia’s largest single planting of Petit Verdot (aka Sunshine in a Glass). Basking in the Mediterranean climate, the Petit Verdot ripens to perfection, creating a powerful burst of flavour intensified by long hours under the sun.

When talking to any member of the Moularadellis family you can almost feel the adrenalin of their winemaking passion running through their veins.  They are continually striving to cultivate their traditions and uphold their reputation for quality and continued improvement, which goes back to the 1960’s, when they were first recognised for growing quality fruit.

A quote from Bill “Our success is underpinned by our wine exports to the traditional markets of the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, New Zealand and Canada along with exports to the emerging markets of China and India. In fact, over two thirds of our production is enjoyed by wine consumers the world over, who love our flavoursome, outstanding quality and varietal wines”.

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So, there you have it everyone. We hoped you enjoyed this little bit of history on Kingston Estate Wines.