Forget the Running of the Bulls in Spain – Check out the Running of the Lambs in Barmera.


Forget the Running of the Bulls in Spain – Check out the Running of the Lambs in Barmera.

It was yet again, another fun filled, jam-packed October long weekend in the Riverland. The choices of what to do, where to go and what to see could be classed as overwhelming.

The weather wCharlotterolas superb, so apart from joining in with the crowds swimming at Lake Bonney or kayaking and fishing on the Murray River, positioned on the banks of our caravan park, I needed to be careful not to spread myself too thin, so decided to attend only three of the many events happening in the Riverland this weekend. 

The initial being the Running of the Lambs.  Yes, you read correctly!!  This event is the lead-in to Barmera’s famed sheep dog trials that will be running on the weekend of 11/12th October.  Imagine the scene – about 400 sheep running, jumping and bleeting from the top end of Barwell Avenue (the main street where in the normal state of things, we all do oursheeprol everyday shopping) to the Barmera Oval – a distance of about 150 metres.  The last time this was held was in 2011 and it attracted international attention. (I wonder if Spain got to hear about it ??)  The crowd was buzzing, anticipating the thunderous noise of 400 sets of hooves pounding on the bitumen.  It took a while to get moving.  Not one sheep was keen to take the lead.  Apparently they have wised up to the fact that once they leave their pen its either to get shorn, dipped, sprayed or even worse.  Eventually one did get enticed to leave and voila – you guessed it – the other’s followed “just like sheep”. Channel 7 flew in via helicopter to report on the event and it really is something you don’t get to see everyday. Next year, a local, who shall remain nameless, has offered to run in front of the sheep.  I somehow don’t think you would get the same rush as running in front of a horde of bulls !!!  Still, he should be commended for his anticipated bravery.  :0)

The Riverland Auto Expo and Show and Shine rev’d away the weekend to the max.  Auto enthusiasts cruised on in to the event.  It was a spectacular sight of Australian and American muscle cars, Australian & American classics, Street Rods and Machines, Vintage Cars, Modern and Contemporary cars, Speedway cars, Off-Road vehicles, Go-Karts and Motorbikes. It all started on the Berri oval on Saturday for a swap meet and viewing of the vehicles.carrol  The sun shone off the polished ducos.  It really was a sight.  I think my sunburn could be on account of the reflection of the sun from all the chrome.  On Sunday the entrants took a cruise through Berri, Loxton, Barmera and Renmark, allowing those who were not able to attend to at least have a glimpse of the spectacular cars while on their cruise.

Last, but certainly not least, I attended Lake Bonney’s 67th opening of it’s sailing season. We are fortunate in the fact that Barmera opens at least three weeks earlier than any other sailing/yacht club in S.A. There were races scheduled for both the Saturday and Sunday and the weather could be classed as near perfect for sailing.  Participants came from both near and far.  We were privileged this year to have some skiffs come over from Sydney for their inaugural run.  Have you ever seen a skiff? Well it was my first time of sighting one and it definitely showed!!!  I could have sunk into the ground with embarrassment when I asked the question “Do you have to attached another bit for it to sail?”  Check out the photo I have taken and ask yourself if you would have been wondering the same. Surely to the layman this would have been a reasonable question.skiffro resizedl

Apparently these sailing vessels can reach speeds that allow water skiers to reach the thrills that they could as if being towed behind a motorised vessel. Quite Amazing.

So if you weren’t able to come and stay at the Kingston-on-Murray caravan park for this long weekend, perhaps we will see you next time.  All these great events and many more were in a 20km or less radius of our park.

Also, just a reminder to you all that the Riverstock Music Festival is just one month away. We are putting on a shuttle bus for all our guests to alleviate the worry about drink driving. Take a look at our previous blog for more details.  We hope to see you then.

Lisa & Peter Kollmann